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If Varric and Hawke don’t get to see eachother in Inquisition, or if it’s not the most brotastic reunion to end all reunions (in the case of M!Hawke), I will be the saddest panda D: Also I just love the idea that an intense organization like the Seekers couldn’t find my sassy pants I-Have-No-Idea-What-I’m-Doing Emery Hawke. XD

Also also still working on Dyn’s armor/design/idon’tknowwhattodowithhimhelp

Sorry my comics are on crack. Also I swear I actually love Cassandra, I just like giving her a hard time.

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"There were a lot of beautiful, blond, gorgeous girls in my year who got the Juliets and the like. I got the Jewish grandmothers and all the farcical parts, which was actually really, really good because it made me aware of my capabilities as an actor."

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